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Health Insurance and Organ Transplants

Of all surgeries, an organ transplant is probably one of the scariest. This means first either being put on a waiting list or begging a family member for a spare kidney. Then there’s the whole process of removing a faulty organ to be replaced with a new one. Hopefully, your body won’t reject this new healthy organ. And then there’s the ugly business of paying for the whole thing plus the medication that needs to be taken afterward. This doesn’t even take into consideration the non-medical expenses. Private insurance may help, but chances are the cost of your care may exceed its cap. 

This Is Why You Need Secondary Insurance

Due to emergencies such as an organ transplant, it may be a brilliant idea to have secondary insurance in addition to primary insurance. This can be obtained through a private company, your employer, or the government. If the primary insurance is tapped out, you can fall back on the secondary insurance to recoup your losses. 

Medicare and Medicaid 

Medicare and Medicaid are both government-funded insurance that can pay for organ transplants. If you are disabled, over age 65, or diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, you may qualify for Medicare. The spouse of someone with Medicare may also be covered. Medicaid is based on family size and income level. 

Contact ASZ International Inc. Serving Westchester, NY

Getting secondary insurance and having it on standby before you need it is a good idea. If you need health insurance and are in the Westchester, NY area, please contact ASZ International Inc. Our knowledgeable and compassionate agents will help you get what you need. 

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