Why you should not wait till the rainy season to buy flood insurance

Worries and uncertainty mar the onset of a rainy season in Westchester, NY. From icy cold weather to destructive floods, homeowners have a lot on their plate and have to find ways to prepare and stay comfortable throughout the season. Flood insurance may be what stands between you and the devastating financial losses caused by floodwater when it comes to floods. So, why should you buy your policy early enough? Here are a few critical reasons.

Flood insurance comes with a waiting period.

Unlike most policies that take effect immediately, flood insurance has a waiting period of 30 days. Despite covering an emergency, flood insurance can be unreliable if you don’t buy on time. For instance, if your home and valuables are damaged in a flooding event within the 30 days waiting period, you will not be compensated.  At ASZ International, Inc, we recommend buying flood insurance on time, especially if you live in a high-risk flood area.

Floods are destructive; it might just be too late.

A lot may happen between the time you buy your policy and the time it takes effect. Many flooding events come unannounced, and it only takes a few minutes for flood water to destroy everything you worked hard to get. In such a case, you may be at the losing end, particularly if you are rendered homeless by floods. Remember your insurance policy may not provide any payout until the policy matures.

Damage done during the waiting period is not covered.

By now, you understand how essential timing is. While many insurance companies in Westchester, NY allow you to buy insurance during the rainy season, the waiting period remains, and it will only be effective after the waiting period.

Don’t be a last-minute policy buyer. Let ASZ International, Inc help protect your property and loved ones from floods. Contact us for a good deal.

What Every New York Resident Should Know about Flood Insurance

The weather in Westchester, NY keeps changing and getting worse by the day. Tropical storms, Nor’easters, and severe thunderstorms have deluged the county with higher intensity and frequency.

At ASZ International, Inc., we recommend checking your area to find out if it is in a flood zone and taking the necessary safety and precautionary measures to lessen the effects caused by floods on residential homes and business premises. Here is what to do if you find out that you live in a flood-prone area.

  • If you are under a flood warning, evacuate and find shelter immediately. 
  • Do not try to drive or walk through flooded waters and keep off bridges with fast-moving waters.
  • Determine how you can stay safe based on the type of flooding. You can evacuate, move to higher grounds, or stay where you are till help comes.
  • If flash floods are a risk in your area, monitor potential signs like heavy rains and stay up to date with the weather forecast.
  • Gather supplies in case you need to leave the house immediately while keeping in mind the unique needs for every occupant in that house, like medication and pet food. Have external phone batteries and other critical equipment.
  • Keep relevant and essential documents in a safe, waterproof container and create a password for digital copies.
  • If you have enough time, move your property, including valuables, to safer areas. Declutter all gutters and drains.
  • Depending on where you are and the effects and warnings provided by the government, determine a safe area to go or prepare an emergency exit plan for floods.
  • If you have been told to evacuate, don’t hesitate or waste too much time packing. Do so immediately. 
  • If your vehicle is trapped in moving water, stay inside, but if the water is rising inside, seek refuge through the roof.

Another important thing on your things-to-do before flooding begins is to purchase flood insurance. Floods are not covered under homeowners’ insurance; therefore, it’s prudent that you have this separate.

In case you feel stranded or need further clarification on how to stay safe from floods, speak to ASZ International, Inc., and we will answer all your questions.