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What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Condo insurance is essential to have in place to protect against any losses or repair costs for your condominium unit. The agents at ASZ International Inc. in Westchester, NY want you to know what condo insurance covers and why it is important for your New York condo.

Why is Condo Insurance Important?

Most of the time, the condominium association that governs the complex in which your condo is located has its own coverage in place. Their insurance may only cover the building in which your condominium is located and common areas throughout the complex and liability insurance for the association. This means if someone breaks into your condominium or is injured while visiting your condo, you are liable for those costs, which is why you need your own condo insurance policy.

What does a condo insurance policy cover?

While the bylaws of your condo association and state laws will determine exactly what the association must cover with its master insurance policy, it is up to you to obtain a condo insurance policy that works well for you and your situation.

Most of the time, condo insurance will cover the interior walls and possibly the fixtures inside your condo. It can also cover damage to your condominium caused by smoke, fire, lightning, a windstorm, theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief. It can also cover what is referred to as an accidental discharge of water inside your condo.

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It is imperative that you have your own condo insurance policy in place to cover the many things that the condo association’s insurance will not cover. Contact one of the experienced and trusted agents at ASZ International Inc. in Westchester, NY today to get your policy started!

Catastrophic Events

We are officially in hurricane season, and along with hurricanes also come disasters like flooding, severe storms, and even wildfires. Informing our clients on how to be prepared for events like this, through purchasing the right coverage, is something we strive to do. Though it may not seem like something that could happen to you and your home, you never know when a storm may blow through. According to Asta (2022), in 2021 there were 18 weather and climate disasters in which damages were around $1 billion or more.

Something important that all homeowners should know is that your homeowner’s policy might cover many natural disasters such as hail, windstorms, and lightning, but what it likely does not cover is floods, earthquakes, and/or tsunamis (Asta, 2022). Flood insurance is coverage we always suggest to our customers, as we feel it is very beneficial. We’re also able to provide standalone wind coverage. For our clients who live in coastal areas, this policy provides coverage for damage from hail and wind, regardless of whether the damage is from a named storm or an everyday storm (Orchid).

Now, although flood and wind coverage is something all homeowners should look into purchasing, it’s also an important thing for business owners to consider as well. Catastrophic events don’t just affect homes, they destroy anything in their path. As a business owner, you want to make sure you plan in advance by making educated choices on what insurance coverage you really need (Asta, 2022).

One final way you can help protect your home, business, family, and employees from catastrophic events is to have a plan of action. If a disaster does strike, your family members and employees should know the procedure. For example, where to take shelter in the event of a tornado, where the fire extinguisher and emergency exits are located, or where to meet if everyone must evacuate the premises (Asta, 2022).

If you don’t already have flood or wind coverage, give us a call today so we can get you a fast and easy quote!

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Getting a Personal Insurance Quote

So, now that you have a little background knowledge on insurance, such as why it’s important to have, and which type of agent you should work with, it’s time to start thinking about getting insurance quotes. Before you start calling around to different agencies, you should first know what types of insurance you’re looking for. If you own a house, apartment, or condo, you will need homeowners’ insurance. If you rent a house, apartment, or condo you’ll need renters’/tenants’ insurance. If you own a vehicle or motorcycle, you’ll need car or motorcycle insurance. The list goes on…so take a minute to stop and think about the major things you own, rent or lease. If you’re still unsure of what coverage you need, plan to have a conversation with the agent you speak with, they can help guide you.

Next, do some research about agencies near you. Google and social media can be a good place to start. Once you find an agency, you may want to review their website and look over reviews. Once you’re ready to call, you may want to start by asking which specific carriers the agency works with. The more carriers, the more opportunity the agent will have to find you the best quote for your needs.

Many agencies will ask you questions like your first and last name, your date of birth, driver’s license number (if you’re looking for auto insurance), your marital status, and who your current carrier is. Here at ASZ International, we ask that you provide us with your declaration pages. This simply outlines the coverage you have in place right now, so we can make sure that when we look into a new policy for you, we are not giving you anything less. If you don’t want us to know how much your current premium is, we totally understand that, feel free to cross it out on your paperwork.

Now the tedious part is over. Your agent will begin to look into quotes for you. Again, if you work through an independent agent, they will plug your information into a comparative rater which will populate many different options. This is beneficial to you as it will allow you to compare coverage apples to apples with more than one carrier.

If you’re ready to start looking into quotes, download our app by clicking here and then following the on-screen instructions. We would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right coverage for you and your family!

Independent Agents vs Captive Agents

When looking for insurance, it can be incredibly stressful trying to decide which provider is right for you and your family. The entire process can be overwhelming, from narrowing down a provider, to getting the right coverage you need, and of course trying to stay within an affordable budget. Many people do not even know where to begin, and if that’s how you feel, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This is where insurance agents come into play. First, let’s go over the difference between a captive insurance agent versus an independent insurance agent. A captive insurance agent is contracted to work for one insurance company and can only sell that one specific company’s policy (West Bend, n.d.). For example, if you reach out to a Nationwide insurance agent, they would only be able to get you quotes with Nationwide. Whereas an independent insurance agent is contracted to work with a variety of insurance companies and can sell policies from multiple providers (West Bend, n.d.). For example, if you reach out to us here at ASZ International, Inc., we can get you quotes from many different carriers like Nationwide, Lemonade, Erie, Travelers, and more, and then we compare them, apples to apples for you. This way you know exactly what each company has to offer, and it allows you to make a more educated decision on which policy is absolutely right for you.

Working with an independent insurance agent, in our opinion, is much more beneficial. Not only does your agent have the ability to go to different carriers who sometimes vary in the coverage they provide, but they can also shop around for you to see where they can get you the right coverage at the most affordable price. Another benefit is that when it comes time for your renewal, your agent will keep an eye out to see if they can get you a cheaper rate with another carrier. If they can, they’ll switch your coverage over and continue to be your assigned rep. Which leads me to another benefit of working with an independent insurance agency, not having to wait on hold or talk to a 1-800 representative. Instead, you get to call a real person, who is there to support, educate, and guide you throughout the whole process.

Here at ASZ International, that is exactly the kind of people we strive to be. We are here to work with you and for you. We don’t work for any specific insurance company, that’s not our job. Our job is to help you, the policy holder.

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The Basics and Benefits of Insurance

Let’s talk about insurance, and why it’s so important. Do you own a home, apartment, vehicle, or any type of personal belongings? If you do, then you want to make sure those things are protected in case of a loss. When you buy insurance, you’re transferring the cost of a potential loss or accident to the insurance company in exchange for a fee. You’re buying yourself protection at a fraction of the price of what it would cost to get back those belongings. If you suffer a loss that is covered by your policy and you file a claim, insurance is there to help you pay for that loss based on the terms of your policy (Grange Insurance, n.d.).

Insurance not only provides protection against theft and damage from perils like fire and water, but it also protects you from the financial responsibility that could result from a visitor or guest being accidentally injured on your property. In a nutshell, insurance is very important. Though it is something you hope you never have to use, because nobody wants something bad to happen to them, it is something that you don’t want to be without if you end up suffering a loss.

So how does insurance work? When you purchase insurance, you are known as the policyholder. When multiple policyholders purchase insurance with the same insurance company/carrier, the insurance company uses the money collected from the policyholders and other investments, to pay for its operations and claims made by its policyholders (Grange Insurance, n.d.). So when you buy insurance, the payments you make are in exchange for being covered from certain risks (Araujo, 2021).

Next, we’ll dive into how to choose the right insurance provider for you and your family.

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Do all condo owners need to carry condo insurance in New York?

There are many benefits that come with owning a condo in the Westchester, NY area. Condos tend to come with a lot of amenities and reduced maintenance needs. While owning a condo can be a great option, you do need to ensure you have the right insurance at all times. There are a few reasons why the typical person will need to have condo insurance here. 

Insurance Offers Valued Protection

A key reason that you will want to have condo insurance is that it will offer valuable protection. Condo insurance offers various types of protection that will make it worth the investment. This can include providing you with coverage for the condo, any personal assets, and liability coverage. This will prove to be helpful if you incur certain types of loss or are found liable for an accident.

Insurance is Often Required

You should also get this coverage as it is typically required for condo owners. If you choose to purchase a condo, you need to abide by rules that are set by the home association. This typically will include requiring all owners to have a full condo insurance plan. Further, many condo owners will take out a mortgage when they buy their condo and lenders will require that you maintain condo insurance at all times. 

When you are assessing your needs for condo insurance in Westchester, NY, you can find that it is hard to choose the right plan. Fortunately, the team with ASZ International Inc. is available to help you. With so many choices to make when looking for coverage, ASZ International Inc. is a great resource as they will take a personalized approach to help you build and choose a plan that will protect your condo and ensure you are in full compliance. 

Should I get condo insurance in Westchester?

Anyone who lives in the Bergen, NJ or Westchester, NY will know how strong the real estate market is in this area. If you would like to buy and own a property here, a good option to consider is to buy a condo. Those that own condos will benefit from having onsite amenities and other benefits. If you would like to purchase a home in this area, you need to make sure that you get proper insurance through a condo insurance policy.

Insurance Will Protect Assets

You will need to get a condo insurance plan because it can protect your assets. If you are going to buy a home, you will be making a major investment that needs to be protected as well as possible. Those that invest in a condo insurance plan will get the coverage they need to repair their condo or even replace their personal assets.

Insurance is Required

It would be best to have a condo insurance plan because it could be a requirement for you. Those who buy a condo will likely have insurance requirements set by both their mortgage lender and their home association. It is important to know and follow these rules. If you cannot comply with these agreements, it could lead to a violation and penalization. 

If you would like to purchase a condo in the Westchester, NY area and are looking for a condo insurance plan, it would be wise to call ASZ International, Inc. The insurance professionals with ASZ International, Inc. understand this coverage’s value and will work hard to ensure that you get proper coverage for your situation. We can do this by assessing your needs and options to find the ideal policy. 

What Is Covered With Condo Insurance?

Many insurance companies offer condo insurance policies but what it covers is different from one company to the other, as well as the premium. However, when you purchase your condo insurance from ASZ International, Inc., serving people from New York to Connecticut, it will come with the following coverage.

Loss Assessment

You will be compensated for your portion of any losses allotted to you by the association. An accident can happen at any time where your residents incur some losses. In such a situation, the association will share the losses proportionately. In such a situation, you’ll fall back to your condo insurance policy.

Loss of Use

If your apartment is uninhabitable, for some reason, you may have to lodge elsewhere depending on when it can be fixed. You will be compensated for the cost of lodging elsewhere and the cost of your transportation to the location. 

Personal Liability

If you’re being sued for any damages, you’ll be compensated for your legal expenses from the claims against you, should you be found culpable. This is the most important coverage in the insurance policy as a single lawsuit could plunge you into debt. 

Personal Property

When your furniture, electronics, and other movable goods get damaged or stolen, you will be paid the cost. In case your apartment is razed by fire or it gets flooded, many of your appliances will be damaged. This is where this coverage comes in handy. 

Building Property

This coverage is for the unit itself and this also includes the fixtures and walls. 

Bear in mind that this coverage can vary slightly across states and insurance companies. So, before you purchase it, always take the time to check what it covers. Initially, it may sound expensive, but in the long run, you will enjoy it. In fact, it is worth the cost.

Some associations make it mandatory for condo buyers to purchase the policy. For more information, contact ASZ International, Inc. in Westchester, NY. 


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