Types of umbrella insurance

An umbrella insurance coverage safeguards you by adding additional liability protection against judgments in lawsuits that transcend the security of your automobile and homeowners policies. New York has diverse needs when it comes to insurance coverage. Umbrella insurance can offer even more liability coverage to save you money if you are deemed liable for a prevailing accident or loss. Connect with our agents at ASZ International Inc. and get customizable umbrella insurance quotes that help you save.

Umbrella Options

In today’s litigious society we live in, especially in Westchester, NY, it’s prudent to possess as much liability insurance you can afford. Umbrella insurance policy is a pivotal investment that can safeguard you from the possibility of financial ruin. Many New York residents think that acquiring an umbrella insurance policy is expensive. But this is not the case because it’s affordable depending on the amount of protection you receive.

Suppose the liability limits are depleted on your homeowners, automobile, or other primary insurance policies; your umbrella insurance kicks in and provides you with additional protection. Visit us today at ASZ International Inc. offices and speak to our compassionate agents who will help you get an outstanding umbrella insurance policy matching your needs and budgetary allocation.

Types of umbrella insurance policies.

Umbrella insurance policy protects you from lawsuits and very outrageous claims. It also extends coverage in the following areas:

  • Bodily injury coverage: If a guest experiences an accident while on your property, such as dog bites, umbrella insurance will help cater to medical costs or lawsuit fees that supersede the limit of your auto and homeowners policies.
  • Injury to reputation coverage: It protects against scenarios such as defamation, slander, and libel. If you bruise a third party’s reputation, whether in person or through a social media platform, he/she may slap with an expensive lawsuit. If you lose these lawsuits, umbrella insurance comes into play and protects you.
  • Property damages coverage: If you are engaged in an accident and repair cost transcends your automobile insurance liability, an umbrella insurance policy kicks in and settles the remaining charges. It also protects your rented equipment.
  • Court costs: Umbrella insurance policy is tailored to pay your lawyer fees when you have to defend yourself in a lawsuit.

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Can You Benefit from Umbrella Insurance?

Some people have the mistaken idea that umbrella insurance is only for the rich. If you own a home or have financial assets, you can benefit from what umbrella policies have to offer. Umbrella insurance provides extra liability protection above the limits of your home, condo, or auto liability coverage. In fact, you cannot purchase an umbrella policy unless you have another form of liability coverage.

Here’s what an umbrella policy from ASZ International, Inc. in Westchester, NY has to offer you:

Higher Liability Protection

Umbrella policies offer much broader liability protection than that provided by the typical home, auto, or condo policies. This extra protection will cover broad liability claims made against you for serious accidents you may cause. Umbrella insurance also protects you against issues that aren’t covered by other liability insurance, such as slander, libel, and defamation of character.

Umbrella insurance begins when your primary liability coverage runs out, so there are no gaps in your coverage. This extra coverage saves you from having to pay the damages of large liability claims out-of-pocket.

Protection from Lawsuits

Umbrella insurance protects you against lawsuits if a severe accident prompts someone to sue you for damages. A major lawsuit can quickly deplete you of present and future financial assets. The more assets you own, the greater your chances of being sued. Losing a lawsuit could cause you financial ruin.

If you participate in a sport that poses a risk to others, own an aggressive dog, or have a pool on your property, you may be more susceptible to a lawsuit in the event of an accident. Umbrella insurance can protect your home, savings, retirement funds, and even future earnings from large liability claims that can lead to a lawsuit.

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