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Debunking Common Myths About Recreational Insurance

Insurance is one of those topics that everyone knows they need, but few people understand. As a result, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about what recreational insurance covers. This blog post will set the record straight and debunk some of the most common myths about recreational insurance.

1. Myth: Recreation Vehicle Insurance is Expensive

The cost of recreational vehicle insurance is often one of the biggest concerns for people considering coverage. However, the reality is that recreation vehicle insurance can be very affordable, especially when you compare it to the cost of repairs or replacements if something goes wrong.

2. Myth: I Don’t Need Insurance if I’m Not Going to Use My RV Very Much

Many people believe they don’t need insurance for their recreational vehicle if they’re not going to use it very often. However, this isn’t the case. Even if you only take your RV out a few times a year, it’s still essential to have insurance in case of an accident or other unforeseen event.

3. Myth: All Recreational Vehicle Insurance Is the Same

Not all recreational vehicle insurance is the same. There are several different types of recreational vehicle insurance, each of which offers various coverage options. The type of insurance you need will depend on your recreational vehicle and how you use it. For example, if you own a motorhome, you’ll need a different kind of insurance than if you own a travel trailer.

4. Myth: I Don’t Need Insurance if I Have Homeowners Insurance

You might think your homeowner’s insurance would cover any damage to your recreational vehicle, but that’s not always the case. Many homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage for recreational vehicles or provide only limited coverage. To be sure you’re adequately covered, you’ll need a separate policy for your recreational vehicle.

Get Recreational Insurance in Westchester, NY

If you’re considering buying a recreational vehicle, it’s essential to understand the ins and outs of recreational insurance. Don’t let common myths about cost, coverage, and exclusions deter you from getting the protection you need. At ASZ International Inc., we can help you find the right recreational insurance policy for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

Do you own a boat, RV, or another recreational vehicle? What would you do if it were to be damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster or by an accident of some kind? Is vandalism a risk for you? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it’s time to think about adding some recreational insurance. 

RV Coverage Areas

RV coverage can include the following areas:

  • Boats and trailers
  • Motor homes
  • Water vehicles such as jet skis and waterboards

If you have any of the above types of vehicles, you will want to protect them in the event of damage or loss. Otherwise, it will all be an out-of-pocket expense to replace them.

Categories of Insurance RV Insurance Covers

You can get the following types of coverage for RVs:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Protection for personal belongings on board, equipment, and other peripheral equipment

Additional Insurance

Some insurance companies offer additional types of coverage options including:

  • Emergency towing and equipment
  • Total loss replacement
  • Roadside coverage and towing costs
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage

Tips to Find the Best recreational insurance

  • Buy local when possible. Dealing with an insurance company in Westchester, NY such as ASZ International Inc. that you can speak to in your coverage area makes things a lot simpler when you need to file a claim or make changes to your policy. 
  • List the coverage areas you need and discuss it with a licensed agent.
  • Ask about discounts when you carry multiple insurance from the same company and other types of savings.
  • Weigh the amount of risk with the cost of premiums. If you are in a high-crime area where theft or vandalism is more likely or a flood plain, for example, you are more likely to suffer loss. 

Visit with your insurance agents that cover the Westchester, NY area for more information on recreational insurance. Don’t risk the loss of your beloved off-road vehicles and other items. ASZ International Inc. can discuss your options with you and show you a plan that fits your needs and your budget. 

Contact us today for more information.

What is Covered by Recreational Insurance?

People own recreational vehicles that travel on both land and water. If you live in the Westchester, NY area, there are certain types of recreational vehicles that require separate insurance and some that do not. The professional, friendly agents at ASZ International, Inc. can help recreational vehicle owners pick the right policy to cover their valuable investments.  

Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles are required to have insurance. Class A RVs are the largest type and are a home away from home on wheels, which can include everything from separate bedrooms with king-size beds, to space under the RV to store a sports car. They are, however, limited as to where they travel due to their size and hook up needs once parked. Class B RVs are more commonly known as camper vans are basic with a bed and some storage space, but can have bathrooms, dining areas, and sleep as many as six people. Class C RVs usually have the sleeping quarters over the cab and range from 20-30 feet. These RVs are generally not big enough to tow anything behind them but can have pull-outs and separate bathrooms. New York requires a recreational vehicle policy on these types of mobile homes. Recreational vehicles like fifth-wheel campers, pop-up campers, and travel trailers also qualify for an extra insurance policy, but it is not always required.  

Marine recreational vehicles include boats up to fifty feet, personal watercraft like jet skis, SeaDoos™ and WaveRunners™ can also be included with recreational vehicle insurance. Off-road vehicles like snowmobiles, dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, and ATVs are also recreational vehicles which may need insurance policies. ASZ International, Inc. agents in the Westchester, NY area can discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best policy for your individual needs.  

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