What is Covered by Recreational Insurance?

People own recreational vehicles that travel on both land and water. If you live in the Westchester, NY area, there are certain types of recreational vehicles that require separate insurance and some that do not. The professional, friendly agents at ASZ International, Inc. can help recreational vehicle owners pick the right policy to cover their valuable investments.  

Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles are required to have insurance. Class A RVs are the largest type and are a home away from home on wheels, which can include everything from separate bedrooms with king-size beds, to space under the RV to store a sports car. They are, however, limited as to where they travel due to their size and hook up needs once parked. Class B RVs are more commonly known as camper vans are basic with a bed and some storage space, but can have bathrooms, dining areas, and sleep as many as six people. Class C RVs usually have the sleeping quarters over the cab and range from 20-30 feet. These RVs are generally not big enough to tow anything behind them but can have pull-outs and separate bathrooms. New York requires a recreational vehicle policy on these types of mobile homes. Recreational vehicles like fifth-wheel campers, pop-up campers, and travel trailers also qualify for an extra insurance policy, but it is not always required.  

Marine recreational vehicles include boats up to fifty feet, personal watercraft like jet skis, SeaDoos™ and WaveRunners™ can also be included with recreational vehicle insurance. Off-road vehicles like snowmobiles, dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, and ATVs are also recreational vehicles which may need insurance policies. ASZ International, Inc. agents in the Westchester, NY area can discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best policy for your individual needs.